Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mother, May I?

Remember this?

I wanna cookie!!!”

“Ask nicely.”

“Can I have a cookie?”


Sigh, “May I please have a cookie?”

“Not now, you are about to have dinner.”

Did you think you didn’t get the cookie because you didn’t want it enough? That you, in some deep part of your soul, either didn’t have enough belief in the cookie? Perhaps you didn’t get the cookie because you didn’t say it in just the right way. Or maybe, your mother knows better than you do what is best for you in the long run. Maybe you aren’t vibrating the right energy to match the cookie’s vibrations. Maybe if I had been raised to believe in Christ as my Saviour I would have gotten a cookie. Or maybe Mohammed? Venus? Zeus??!!! What kind of sacrifices does a kid gotta make to get a damn cookie!!!!

Do you think George W got the cookie when he asked for it?

Maybe there wouldn’t be a world financial crisis if we just had gotten the cookie or if our mothers had said, “Here, you can have the cookie. But you can’t eat it now. This is the only cookie you get for the whole day. So if you eat it now, you won’t have it for later.”

Are you still trying to figure out how to get the cookie?

And if you have figured it out, does that mean you need a glass of milk now?

I think I will advertise myself as a Cookie Coach.

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