Sunday, February 8, 2009

But it is so attractive!!

Some clarification on my views of what is called these days: The Law of Attraction.

I think the philosophy has merit and it is effective at certain times in one's life. In particular, when one is in transition, or when one's life is dis-entangled from any other being but themselves- such as during road trips or break-ups. It is a powerful perspective in moments when life seems so incomprehensibly painful. Believing in a all loving Universe enables us to create our lives can be pretty much all that gets us through the night. It is also more effective the further you remove yourself from natural laws. It is a man-made concept custom designed for a man-made world.

Maybe it works in other situations and I do actually use many of its components in my philosophy. So it ain't all bad.

But it sure isn't a LAW.

It is an idea. It is an interpretation that has enough anecdotal evidence to border on a Science/Religion. I think it is a useful perspective if the person is sufficiently experienced enough to dabble in cosmic duality and manifesting divinity. But like all pseudo-scientific religions, it is potentially harmful. The true masters of this mindset are people who spend extraordinary amounts of time and energy in spiritual and mental disciplines, generally in remote retreats and often in isolation. They are detached enough from their desires to dance with the Universe with such grace that it appears that the Universe is following. They are humble and grateful and ironic in their understanding of how small they really are in the big picture of things. They tend to be the kind of person who is content with being irrelevant in their own destiny.

Think of how long it took Christ, Mohammed, or Buddha to understand their own words.
Think of what they must have had to go through to reach that level of divinity.

Yet, people write a book or read it and become disciples, masters and teachers.

I think my feeling that disciples of Attraction are arrogant comes from their tendency to look at those of us who are bobbing around in the current as being somehow "Less" because we aren't in the boat with the propeller and the rudder with them. Sure, we aren't as in "control", but at least we are in the cosmic river rather than stirring up waves that disturb the rest of the Universe. If you want to skim the surface, go for the boat. But if you really want to experience life here on Earth, then you have to be prepared to get wet, to get bumped around a bit and to feel totally a victim once in a while.

All I know is that I don't know much. I like being a part of nature. I like thinking I was damn lucky to get all my hay in this year and that my neighbor was unlucky to have had theirs rained on. So it is only out of common decency that I don't allow myself to think "my vibrations were at one with perfection, but he must have been creating from some less than perfect belief system". Because on any given day, I may be him and he may be me. I prefer the freedom being a passenger gives me over the incredible stress of being a god.

But if you want to play god, and it is working for you, then Hallelujah! I would love to come along for the ride because that is part of the river and I LOVE the river of life. Just don't judge me for being mortal and don't ask me to worship your god.

To be continued of course.

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