Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Frozen Ground

I have often wondered why New Year's resolutions are made in January- other than the obvious "new year" answer. The ground is frozen and not a good place to plant seeds.

I suppose if your resolution were put into a small pot on a warm and bright windowsill, or in a terrarium- it might grow. Given careful and tender attention, come Spring it could be put into the newly thawed ground. Harvest it sometime in the summer, save the seeds and start again with the same but different plant the following year.

Maybe that is why so many New Year's resolutions don't make it past the first month. They are put into frozen ground instead of given time to establish roots, adjust to the climate, and to become strong and self-sufficient. And there we are- poking, proding, yelling and tugging at the seedling of a dream instead of getting to know this new individual for whom we are the source of life and protection.

So in light of the frozen ground, the harsh winds and the bitter cold, I am going to nurse my dream and keep it inside until the right time for planting.

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